Using Jalindi Igloo plugin (CVS) with VS.Net … successfully

If you need to use CVS for source code control on your Visual
Studio.Net project, here is a quick way to enable the latest version of
CVS in combination with the free Visual Studio.Net add-in: Jalindi Igloo.
plugin does have it’s own install program and scripts but the problem
is that it uses an older CVS library and does NOT work well with SSH
connections to a CVS repository. While the older version may work
well for you, I certainly suggest you always use the latest CVS client
for at least security reasons.
First, download all of the following packages:

install the CVSNT client as you normally would making sure to note the
location of the install directory. Once that is installed, open
the beta version Igloo archive and copy the files into the CVSNT
directory (ignoring the paths). But first, please note:


beta igloo client has some older CVSNT files and you don’t want to mess
up your install. After that, you just need the nice VBS scripts
provided with the release version of Igloo. One script will
register the plugin as your SCC provider in VS.Net and the other will
restore SourceSafe as your client.


6 thoughts on “Using Jalindi Igloo plugin (CVS) with VS.Net … successfully

  1. Hi,Could help me please. I do not know what’s happening…i followed all the steps, but when i open the Visual C# Express happen nothing.Do i need to set any configuration on it? or the igloo’ll do it?whatever didn’t work….

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