True != true … duh!

Ok … so once again one of the simplest of errors put me into out-thinking-myself mode.  Simply put, when you have a boolean in an XML file that goes into a BizTalk Orchestration, it is case-sensitve.
So if you get an error stating that you have invalid text for your System.Boolean type then now you know: "True" is not true … "true" is true.
Put this on under the "duh" category.

2 thoughts on “True != true … duh!

  1. That’s allows been true with .NET. If you have a boolean in a config file, it much match the language text for the boolean. This allows the framework to use Boolean.Parse(). Within VB, you CAN have a True or a true.

  2. That’s pretty funny that I never ran into that before. I suppose I nearly always have generated the text FROM a boolean in the first place (instead of by hand in this case). Like I have always said, Intellisense dumbs me down (and all that other helpful stuff in Visual Studio)

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