SharePoint Redirect using only IIS

Here is a quick solution to an small issue we had here at work…

One of our internal users (of our SPS instance) wanted to redirect an old list to a new list. I did not want to create a code-based solution (e.g. an aspx page, et al) and with the friendly "Apache could do this" jabbing I got from this guy I decided to see if IIS would handle it. And it did … really easy:

Redirect http://mysite/sites/Department/IT/oldlist to http://mysite/sites/Department/IT/newlist

  1. On the filesystem in your webroot, create a folder structure mimicking the URL:
  2. Open IIS Management console and locate that folder
  3. Right-click on that folder and select properties
  4. Use the "A redirection to a URL" option in the Directory tab
  5. Enter the new URL (absolute OR relative) in the Redirect To: box
  6. Test it

All other sites in that path should remain untouched by IIS but since IIS processes this redirection prior to running the ISAPI filter/extension (e.g. SharePoint) then there is no need to even unmange this path from within SharePoint itself.

Simple. Clean. Quick. Even an Admin can do it!


5 thoughts on “SharePoint Redirect using only IIS

  1. I am not sure on that one but did you try the above technique?  Try it on the "Default Web Site" branch in the IIS MMC console.

  2. Thank you for this, this is a great way to redirect users from our SharePoint 2.0 server to our new SharePoint 3.0. Nice and simple, I can probably uninstall sharepoint from the 2.0 box and it will all still work. Very cool.

  3. Hi, this is a great post. I’ve tried other options to redirect SharePoint sites in IIS but this is the simplest and actully works. But I have a question do you need to modify the managed path in Central Administration?

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