Code Camp: Creating .NET Solutions using OSS

On April 8’s Southwest Pennsylvania’s Code Camp I presented on creating .NET solutions using open source software (OSS). The demonstration went quite well and I received a very generous response from the audience. Thanks to all who attended and made this first Code Camp quite a success!

The premise of the presentation was to demonstrate that it is completely possible to create .NET solutions (specifically an ASP.NET web application) using free and open source tools. I used a GNU/Linux based laptop (Ubuntu) with the following tools:

  • Mono (gmcs compiler)
  • MonoDevelop
  • DBDesigner
  • Dia
  • OpenOffice.Org (Writer and Impress)
  • GNUnit2

The result of the demonstration was that while it is entirely feasible to live in a .NET world with all free and open source tools your efficiency will not make up (YET!) for the cost of a more integrated and mature toolset. However, the tools I used are progressing rapidly and there is no reason why they can’t benefit you now and in the near future. I would recommend evaluating the cost of ownership ranging through your server environment, development environment and office environment.

The slides, code and documents are all freely available for download here. Use them however you want (at your own risk, of course ).

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop a comment on this entry!


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