Atlas – AJAX Programming for the .NET 2.0 Framework

I just completed a webinar on using Microsoft’s Atlas framework for creating "AJAX" applications in ASP.NET 2.0.  Despite that one of my demos failed to work (my poor, poor typing skills) the webinar went well.
The webinar started with an introduction to AJAX with a little (read: cheesy) demo of AJAX using a text editor and a browser.  The presentation moved into an overview of the Atlas framework and a decription of the client- and server-side architectures and improvements.  Of course, this all included some more cheesy demos (yet representitive) of:
  • Client-Side O-O API
  • Client-Side Declarative XML
  • Server-Side Control Extenders
  • Server-Side Partial Rendering (UpdatePanel)

For anyone that wants them … here are links to my slides and code:

For more information I recommend you check out the Atlas home page at: .