SOA – Service-Oriented Architecture

I just completed another webinar as part of CEI’s .NET Webinar Series. This time, the topic was Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) with demos using WSE 3.0. You can download the slides and code below and if you have any questions you can either post them here or email myself or Eric directly. 

The agenda was:

  • SOA: Definition and Rationale
  • The Shift to Service-Orientation
  • SOA: Best Practices
  • Microsoft Solutions for SOA

Demos include:

  • Contract-first using XML Schema, xsd.exe, and WSDL
  • Policy-based security (WS-Security) and WSE 3.0
  • Schema Rationalization/Canonicalization
  • Perimeter/Referral routing using WSE and WS-Messaging (using SoapHttpRouter)

SOA Slides
Demo Code


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