Silverlight: Cloud Connected

A few weeks back I delivered a presentation on connecting Silverlight to services (web, SOAP, REST, etc.) as well as some practical real-world offline caching of data.
Here was the actual agenda from the slides:
  • “Wiring” up a Silverlight 2.0 application to a bunch of services
  • Demonstrations of leveraging WCF, ASP.NET Data Services/REST, XML
  • How you can quickly bind data through XAML in a pain-free manner.
  • A glimpse into the designer/developer workflow
  • Some discussions on differences you’ll notice from WPF.
  • A hands-on demo of the tools you’ll use in SL development
  • Some other stuff (LINQ, Lambda expressions, type inference, blah blah blah blah)
  • Working with IsolatedStorage in an attempt to have this thing work offline
Demo code is here.  Slides are here.

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