BizTalk BAM Portal failure and configuration woes

Well … BizTalk just never fails to surprise me with the "one-thing-after-another" issues which I run into…
Symptom …
I did a fres BizTalk 2009 install on a virtual machine for some PoC deveopment … went to prepare a demo of BAM and the BAM Portal and when I hit the website it just failed with a generic message.  Well … as is standard practice at this point it MUST have been something I did wrong … so I decided I needed to fix the issue by re-configuring the BAM Portal.
The First Try …
For some reason, I had the bright idea that I should delete the BAM Portal web applications and app pool before un-configuring. I did that, restarted IIS and ran the BizTalk configuration tool.  Next, I un-configured the BAM Portal and completed the wizard … no problems, right? Of course not!  When I went back into the BizTalk Configuration Tool to configure the BAM Portal feature the services accounts and website options were disabled!
The Second Try …
It turns out that the BAM database was still configured to point to the original website even though I had unconfigured that feature.  So, according the this blog post I needed to use BM.exe to remove that configuration information.
The Fix…
  1. Open the command prompt and find your way to BM.exe (Program FilesBizTalk …tracking)
  2. Retrieve the current configuration information:
    bm get-config -FileName:"BAM_Config.xml"
  3. Update the config file to remove the reference to the current website:
    <GlobalProperty Name="BAMVRoot">http://blah.blah.remove.this.URL</GlobalProperty&gt;
  4. Update the BAM configuration database:
    bm update-config -FileName:"BAM_Config.xml"
  5. Re-run the BizTalk Configuration Tool and re-configure the BAM Portal feature and you should be good to go


Nothing in BizTalk is as it seems Wink