BizTalk and DFS share permissions

We were transitioning our BizTalk application to a new server which was leveraging DFS for our folders/storage.  Every time we tried to start our receive locations they would disabled immediately with a permissions error in the event log such as: “File transport does not have read/write privileges for receive location.” 

Now, I have experienced this error on plenty of occasions where I simply did not grant the BizTalk host users group the correct access … but for this DFS share we setup Full Control permissions using the DFS admin console.

The Fix:
The problem, as it turned out, is as obvious as it seems … sort of.  As I was told, the “normal” way of gaining access to a DFS share is via the DFS admin console.  Which we verified when we logged into the server as the BizTalk host account … we could create files and delete them, etc.

The real problem was that BizTalk could not verify that it actually had permissions (or that I had not 100% appropriately assigned the permissions).  All I had to do is navigate to the folder and setup the ACLs like I normally would on any other shared file folder.  Everything worked fine after doing that.


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