New TFS Build Extensions

Per Brian Harry:

Mike Fourie just published a bunch of workflow activities/actions for TFS builds.  It’s a great set of extensions that makes TFS builds even more powerful with less work.

While there doesn’t seem to be any true documentation on the actual extensions themselves, looking at the bundled/generated CHM it looks like we have some new extensions in the following categories:

  •  IIS7 Integration – looks like creating components in IIS to roll-out a web application (application, site, app pool, etc.)
  • VB6 Builds
  • Hyper-V/VirtualPC Integration – Tools to manage Virtual PCs and to interact with Hyper-V
  • SQL Server command execution
  • WMI script execution
  • PowerShell script execution
  • ZIP Integration (one that is frequently asked of me from our customers)
  • Sending emails
  • Code Metrics integration
  • StyleCop integration
  • NUnit integration
  • File system, assembly info/update, RoboCopy and more

Seems like a pretty decent list of enhancements for free!  Grab them here: