SharePoint Redirect using only IIS

Here is a quick solution to an small issue we had here at work…

One of our internal users (of our SPS instance) wanted to redirect an old list to a new list. I did not want to create a code-based solution (e.g. an aspx page, et al) and with the friendly "Apache could do this" jabbing I got from this guy I decided to see if IIS would handle it. And it did … really easy:

Redirect http://mysite/sites/Department/IT/oldlist to http://mysite/sites/Department/IT/newlist

  1. On the filesystem in your webroot, create a folder structure mimicking the URL:
  2. Open IIS Management console and locate that folder
  3. Right-click on that folder and select properties
  4. Use the "A redirection to a URL" option in the Directory tab
  5. Enter the new URL (absolute OR relative) in the Redirect To: box
  6. Test it

All other sites in that path should remain untouched by IIS but since IIS processes this redirection prior to running the ISAPI filter/extension (e.g. SharePoint) then there is no need to even unmange this path from within SharePoint itself.

Simple. Clean. Quick. Even an Admin can do it!