Tagalong Tour – Web | Download

Tagalong Tour provides self-guided mobile tours created with travelers, explorers, and the eternally curious in mind. The Tagalong Tour Pittsburgh App for iPhone will guide you along as you discover walkable communities abounding in art, culture, nature, architecture, history, charm, and local flavors. All you have to do is download the Tagalong Tour app, and get ready for an adventure!

Explore by following a mapped out route leading you through city streets in Pittsburgh, PA. Learn about unique restaurants, museums, shops, landmarks, and scenic views around corners, over bridges, and down the street from main attractions. Share photos and stories collected along the way.

We put all the information you need right on your iPhone in one easy-to-use app. Tagalong with us today, we’ll show you around.

Sports Schedules App Application Home

This is an application I wrote to plug the gap in consolidating sports schedules on my iPhone.  I posted an article “Creating the Sports Schedules App” for some history.


BizTalk Null Adapter with Installer for BizTalk 2013 R2 – GitHub Repo | Post

This is a slightly updated version of the classic BizTalk Null Adapter with an added PowerShell installer script.

Windows 8.1 MaskedTextBox Behavior – GitHub Repo | Post

This is a XAML behavior for Windows 8.1 Store Apps to include a mask for text input on a TextBox. This would allow you to, for example, mask the input from a user to a phone number or SSN format.

sqlite-net with encryption – GitHub Repo

For several of my mobile projects, we choose to use SQLite as the local/device database.  However, a few project require some level of data protection (encryption).  I also really love the open source sqlite-net ORM for a super easy/ lightweight tool for object persistence in SQLite.  However, it does NOT provide (open source) encryption.  Until now.

TFS Xcode Build Automation – Project Home

As I move more and more of my non-.NET projects into TFS to take advantage of the completely integration tools I needed to plug the gap in automating builds of my iOS projects.  I created this TFS 2010 Build Activity to automate building Xcode projects (which are housed in TFS via svnbridge) on a Mac OS X machine.

SNLog – Simple logging framework for the iPhone – Project Home

I created this project to have a simple and lightweight framework for logging to the console and a file.  It is release under the MIT license granting just about all freedoms expected in public domain source code.

Pittsburgh Code Camp iPhone Application – Project Home

This is an application I created for a Code Camp in Pittsburgh to learn and demonstrate the creation of an iPhone application.  The app simply displayed news, schedules, bios and information on the event.  Slides and code available for download.


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